“The Placid Realm”
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“The Placid Realm”

Gary W. Barnes PhD
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He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: He leadeth me beside the still waters.” - Psalm 23:2

         Z. resides in an open landscape of tall green grass, without barrier or boundary. The expanse of sky continues upward without limit. Light emanates from above but has no source. There is no rain or snow and the temperature is always mild. Little ponds are scattered here and there throughout, shimmering reflections of the sky. It is a realm of infinite time and space, having no beginning or end. Pure tranquility.
        But while Z. may be free, there is no possible escape. His nerves are stretched. Mind-expansion and overexposure to the environment have turned him inward, and there is no place to withdraw or truly ponder life.
You see, his home has no roof and one entire wall is absent. Most of the time Z. curls up on the floor with his face down in the corner, eyes clasped tightly shut. Z. is frightened by the nightmare of infinity that encages him. He can’t wrap his brain around the concept. It blows his mind.
       A vulture is looming overhead.

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