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Celebrating New Books!

Our new reading series is well underway! We’re making the best of the lockdown by hosting readers with new books and engaging them in conversation about writing and book-making. Have you published a book in 2020? We’d love to celebrate with you. Tell us a bit about yourself and your new book here.

Many readings are in the queue, all on Sundays, all live on our YouTube channel. Open the link and the reading will livestream.

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Three poems by Tala Mulla

Participants in the teen writers workshop have written fine work! Many thanks to Tala for sharing three poems here. To register for the workshop which meets on Zoom on the 2nd Monday of the month from 7:00-8:30 (teens only, please), click here.

Parallel Universes

There are only so many parallel universes that concern us.
In one, time doesn’t go by like a feather in the wind. 
Nor do we have to do things against our will.
Where kids can be kids and no one can tell us otherwise.
Where you can sit on a hill and watch the sunset until the end of the world.
Where there isn’t any trespassing signs for property that doesn’t belong to anyone.
Where you can be young, wild, and adventurous. 
We can have these universes, but we must be responsible for the universe where the world isn’t constantly changing for the better. 
Where you can’t appreciate the little things in life.
Where you can’t capture a special moment with one click.
Nor can you block the less finer things in life.
Where you can’t be who you want to be 
And put on a filter to please others.    

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1st Wed. Features Craig Paulenich, James Winter, NEOMFA Reunion Reading

Poet Craig Paulenich (L) Fiction writer James Winter (R)

Join us on Zoom and Facebook Live for a First Wednesday Series reading by Craig Paulenich & James Winter. Wednesday November 4 at 7:00 PM EST. Co-hosted by Cassandra Lawton. Special invitation to students, graduates & faculty of the Northeast Ohio Master of Fine Arts. Open mic to follow. Register here to attend on Zoom.

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Fall Lit Fest Registration Open! Coming up Quick!

4th Annual Fall Literary Festival
Via Videoconference
September 24-26, 2020, EST

kristinavogelI sound my barbaric yawp over the roofs of the world.
–Walt Whitman

Our hardworking planning committee began planning this conference in February. It seemed so far away, and then screeeee!–what a tailspin–but here we are, meeting on Zoom, and it’s really coming together. Just a few more weeks to register.

This year’s theme is In Many Tongues: Constituents of the Barbaric Yawp.

This year’s conference will be centered around writing and publishing, literary inclusion, translating and translation, dialect and dialog, atypical modes of speech, and the generational, political, ecological, and experimental elements that add to the wider literary conversation.

The conference will include creative readings, craft talks, workshops and panel discussions on writing, reading, teaching, performing, editing and publishing creative works. Highly acclaimed visiting faculty will share their experience and insights, and over 50 presenters from Ohio and beyond will speak on a variety of topics.