Literary Mural Project Seeks Poems

Lorine NiedeckerLit Youngstown, in conjunction with Power of the Arts and Trumbull Neighborhood Partnership, seeks original poetry from poets affiliated with Mahoning and Trumbull Counties for a public art project.

The poems will be part of artistically designed murals, painted by YSU art students under the guidance of Professor Dragana Crnjak. Funding for the project will be raised through an IOBY campaign.


The winning poems will be succinct/brief and appropriate for readers of all ages. Each poet is limited to one single poem submission. Please send your submission, along with a cover letter explaining your affiliation to Trumbull or Mahoning County, to Deadline November 30.

2 thoughts on “Literary Mural Project Seeks Poems

  1. Patty McCabe

    Hello. I was wondering if you have selected the winner of the Literary Mural poetry contest yet? If so, how may I see the winner’s name? Thank you so much!

    1. lityoungstown

      Hi Patty! Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the funding will be there for the project. We got some really terrific submissions, so we’re sad that the project won’t move forward. Thank you for asking.


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