Writers Circle Thursday

35053828_1088453841292995_1095180183322755072_oWould you like some gentle feedback on new work you’ve written?

The Lit Youngstown Writers Circle will meet in our office at St. John’s Episcopal Church, 323 Wick Ave. at 6:00, Thursday, August 16. Come to the door on the right, under the arch, and ring the buzzer.

3 thoughts on “Writers Circle Thursday

  1. Praying Psalm 143:8-9 by Robert Korchnak

    I’m working on finding an agent for my first memoir. I was born and raised in Youngstown, Ohio. The second chapter of my book, Youngstown’s Checkered Past, has a lot of history about Youngstown both good and bad. My book is called: Praying Psalm 143:8-9 & Surviving on the Streets, a Veteran’s Story.


    1. lityoungstown Post author

      Hi Robert, we are hoping to have some programming on finding and working with agents at our Fall Literary Festival next October. I know that’s not helpful now, but we are working toward this kind of writer support. We wish you success.



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